A Trick of the Trade

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September 13, 2012 by tabithaj

I am very lucky to work at a school library that has such great financial support. It really does make life easier. Rather than focus on fundraising and ???, I am able to focus on students, curriculum, books, new technologies and the library as a whole. We have great financial support because we are a division of an Ivy League University.

Another benefit of the connection to a university is the possibility of work-study students. We were able to take advantage of this for the first time three years ago. The students help with circulation, processing, shelving and anything you need around the library.

Over the last few years, I have learned some tricks in getting good work study students.

1. Put your ad in as early as possible-reliable students tend to look early.

2. Choose a student that isn’t already overflowing with activities. This really helps later in the semester when mid-terms and finals hit.

3. If you like someone, hire them immediately. The work-study market is intense. Job offers happen fast.

We have hired one student. Now, we just need one more!


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