Beginning of the Year Traditions

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September 13, 2012 by tabithaj

I have a tradition that accompanies the rules and routines portion of library every year. It started my first year at The School. I was looking for a really primary friendly video clip and I found Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster in the library video.

I can’t remember if I forced every grade, K-4, to watch it that year, but every class that has experience with the video has since then begged several times a year to see it again. So, I said, “Nope just once a year.” So we now watch the video in every grade. I think the fourth graders love it even more than the kinders.

We have quite a few new third graders this year, so some of the reactions of new children have been fun to watch when they hear we are going to watch the Cookie Monster. They don’t say too much when all the other children are begging to see it.

It is a fun way to start talking about routines that only takes about three minutes. 🙂


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