First Week of Classes-Kindergarten


September 14, 2012 by tabithaj

I always start off the year with kindergarteners by visiting them in their classroom. They are all new to the school experiencing many new faces, so being in their classroom environment helps them feel at ease.

I tell them my name and ask them if they have a guess about what my job is at the school. I always have books in my hand, so they have a pretty easy time guessing what room I work in.

When I visit them, I don’t have books about a library. Instead, I bring books I think will make them laugh and feel at ease. The last few years I have always carried, Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomaswith me. It is the best book for early kindergarten. No extended rug time, movement, and a hint of surprise.

This year, we read another Jan Thomas book as well, What Will Fat Cat Sit On? We talked a tiny bit about how she wrote and illustrated both books, so some of the pictures and the colors look similar.

Later, we will read even more Jan Thomas books and compare them to each other and have a mini-author study while the K teachers study Mem Fox as a larger author study.

It’s very exciting that Mem Fox and Jan Thomas actually collaborated to create a book together.

I can’t wait for them to actually come to the library next week!


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