Books We Read This Week

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September 18, 2012 by tabithaj

We all have our favorite back-to-school books. I have a pile on my desk of all the different options I considered reading during the first week of library. These are the books that won in the end:

First Grade:

The first graders love Charlie and Lola and this is the perfect book to talk about ownership and lending and how that works in the library. Many times kids are shaking their heads or saying, “But it’s not her book…it’s the library’s!”

Second Grade

Library Mouse isn’t all about manners, but it is about writing and a lovely little mouse that lives in the library. Second graders were hanging on every word of this endearing story. We had a great first class of the year reading this book.


Third and Fourth Grades:

Third graders were so lucky. Depending on the class, third graders read one, two, or three books! Some classes read The Dot to celebrate International Dot Day with me in the library and some read with their classroom teachers. Then, students had a choice between One Cool Friend and Extra Yarn.

One Cool Friend is such a fun story. The cover is quite appealing, so we ended up reading this book three our of four times. It is such a fun experience to watch as they realize who Captain Cook really is. Then, to go back and look at all the clues in the book.

Extra Yarn was read with one third grade class as well as some fourth grade students. The book has such interesting perspective to share. The children can easily predict that someone might steal the yarn, but that does not ruin their enjoyment of this book.

A group of fourth graders were also really interested in Crouching Tiger. It wasn’t anything like they imagined; however, the children still liked it. It was a quieter book than other any book with the name Crouching Tiger and it addressed so many interesting issues like family and culture.


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