The Kindergarteners are coming!!

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September 20, 2012 by tabithaj

I love that moment when the kindergarten students finally get to come to the library for the first time. Today was that day for one class. I teach them to walk through the library like mice-so quietly and almost tip-toeing. We go through the routine of sitting on the carpet. We talk about how important it is to raise our hands when they have a question or comment. They have a hard time with this for the first part of the year, but that’s okay and definitely developmentally appropriate.

The first time they visit the library classroom this year we are reading Hyewon Yum’s new book, Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten. We are talking about how the student’s felt the night before their first day of kindergarten. I love how earnest they are with their answers. Many students say excited or nervous or even both.

I transform into a kindergartener named Sally and let the students judge my behavior. I run through the library, I yell across the room and do many things the children probably wouldn’t do, but could happen. Then, I take their advice and do it again showing better behavior. They get to practice and then it’s already time to go back to class!


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