Kindle and iPod Time

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October 12, 2012 by tabithaj

Last week, we started loaning Kindles out again. We are checking them out to students in grades 4-8. That means that only one grade that I teach gets to use them, but that is okay with me. I want them to develop safety skills and thoughtfulness before checking out devices that could make them a target for theft if used unsafely.

I created a Google Form for the fourth graders asking a few simple questions: Name, class, and three books they want to read on the kindle. So many of them put Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which isn’t available, so I made sure to tell them it wasn’t an option. I am choosing which student gets the kindle by the student that is asking for books that might not be available in the library yet first. Then, in order of request. It is a great way to have books the day they are released!

This week I added iPods into the mix. I created another google form with the same questions and embedded it onto our website. The children request audiobooks and I am trying to create a fair system of the order I give them out in. I have two iPods per fourth grade class, which is the same amount of Kindles I have.


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