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November 7, 2012 by tabithaj

Two years ago, my school started a Professional Development Institute. I have been presenting every year at the Summer Institute, but this past weekend I was able to present at the Fall Institute as well. I updated my “Integrating iPads into the Library” workshop and presented to a primarily middle and high school audience (there were a couple of elementary librarians mixed in). We had a great day of learning together. I was so excited to share my new favorite app, Subtext, with teachers of older students. If you don’t know Subtext, it is an application that makes an online book club easy. When you create a book club, everyone in that book club will see your comments and can respond to them and create their own comments. It isn’t intrusive in your writing because just your picture is visible on the side of the page to denote a comment is there.

Here are a few links to presentations that were included in our day of learning:
Link to Our iPad Project http://bit.ly/U9dQtm
Link to Concept Mapping Presentation: http://bit.ly/WAFiYD
Link to Sonic Pics Presentation: http://bit.ly/TKWqXW

Hope everyone is safe after Hurricane Sandy!


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