Using Explain Everything to Teach How to Use the Online Catalog

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December 2, 2012 by tabithaj

My third graders are in the process of creating a how to for their younger siblings, grade two students. They are teaching them how to use Alexandria, our library catalog. So far, they have reviewed and documented all the steps they need to take and show on their how-tos. They have also taken screen shots on the iPad for every step.

The first part of their work has involved both paper and pencil and iPads. They are using Safari to navigate to our catalog and documenting by taking pictures, writing and drawing something that helps them remember which picture goes with that step.

Last week, I let the classes investigate the tools on the Explain Everything app. With their project partners, they could create an Explain Everything about anything. At the end, we reflected on the tools they used and how they found the useful/not. They really like the laser pointer tools. 🙂

This week is the week we plan to merge paper documentation and Explain Everything together! I hope it goes well!


Have a great week!


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